I finally got around to analyzing the September Seattle condo sales data!  Below are some interesting observations and those beloved charts.

  • Last year we saw a drop in sales from August to September of over 20%.  
  • This year we saw as many sales in September as we did in August.
  • Prices are holding steady.  Median prices have been exactly $250,000 for the last three months.
  • Inventory continues to be tight at about 40% fewer listings than September 2012.
  • Capitol Hill / Madison / Central saw the biggest strength with sales jumping 35% versus the previous month.

So overall, we saw a nice September with some encouraging signs that the Seattle condo recovery continues to plod forward.


Seattle Condo Sales MOM

Seattle Condo Sales YOY

Seattle Condo Sales Median Prices MOM
Seattle Condo Sales Median Prices YOY
Seattle Condo Listings MOM
Seattle Condo Listings YOY


                                          Belltown/ Downtown 

Belltown and Downtown Condo Sales
Belltown and Downtown Condo Median Prices
Belltown and Downtown Condo Listings


                                Queen Anne/Magnolia

Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Sales
Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Median Prices
Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Listings


                          Capitol Hill/ Madison/ Central

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Sales

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Median Prices

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Listings

By Wendy Leung with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle Condos and Seattle Belltown Condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.