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Mixing the bones of the original 1920’s warehouse on 12th and Madison with modern construction and desires, Trace Lofts and mixed use high rise, Trace North, will seek to replicate the urban landscape of Portland’s Pearl District. Developer Ted Schroth of GTS Development with the architecture firm Johnson Architecture & Planning LLC , is currently in the demolition phase of a $30 Million retail and residential renovation.


   Trace North

Coordination with the developers of 12th & Pike is aimed at maintaining the sense of eclectic urban neighborhood feel already in existence in the Pike/Pine corridor. Both projects will be using the nationally recognized retail consultant, Maestri Design. Situated in the most densely populated corner of the Northwest region, the new projects are inspired by active city lifestyles.

The project aims to combine the old historic feel of the old turn-of-the-century buildings with the hip and eclectic vibe of more recent years. Both buildings are expected to be completed by Summer 2007.

Trace Loft will feature 42 units ranging from ~$300K to $700K, while Trace North will feature 100 units ranging from ~$200 to $700K. Size will vary from 400 to 1300 sq. ft. with all units coming with their own private decks. The emphasis on preservation will be carried through to the completion of the building with sustainable interior building materials.

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Built ~ early 1900
4 story condo with over 20 units
Warehouse conversion in 1999


Pike Lofts- 303 E Pike St
Built in 1998
7 story condo with over 60 units


The Portofino- 417 E Pine St
4 story condo with over 30 units
Built in 1919
Conversion ~1998


615 E Pike St condos
4 story condo with 16 units (some lofts)
Built in 1906
Conversion in 1999
AIA Housing the Northwest award 1999


1310 E Union Lofts
5 story condo with 8 units (Live/work)
Built in 2001
Multiple design awards 


Braeburn- 1420 E Pine St
7 Story condo with 153 units (some lofts)
Built in 2005


19th Ave Lofts- 1812 19th Ave
3 story condo with 45 units
Built 2004


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