Earlier this year we had a poll asking readers how the condo market would do in 2011. Last month we had a similar poll asking for sentiment about 2012.

So has the vibe changed from last year to this year?

Feb 2011 Poll Results

October 2011 Poll Results

The two polls weren't identically worded (sorry, didn't think of that at the time) but grouping the responses into three buckets (better, about same, worse) you can see the comparison from early 2011's view of 2011 to late 2011's view of 2012 below.  

Basically, readers seem to be steady in their belief that things will likely be the same or worse with a constant 10% optimistically expecting things to improve.  There's a small change in people thinking it will get worse to thinking it will be the same, probably not statistically significant.  So in short, the sentiment hasn't changed too much.  Lots of tepidness.

SCR Poll Results

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