After looking at the sales data covering the last year for sold condos at Cristalla in Belltown and those at Enso in South Lake Union, we interestingly found that they perform quite similarly. Almost neck and neck.  Often we hear buyers saying they are willing to pay more money for newer construction.  But, are they really putting their money where their mouth is?

In terms of average and median sold prices, Cristalla edged out Enso. However, Cristalla did have a sale of just over $1 million dollars which definitely led them to their edge over Enso in terms of average sales price. However, when looking at the median sales price, Enso came in at $442,500 while Cristalla came in at $455,00. Very close in terms of pricing. Cristalla also had a lower days on market of 45 days to Enso's 47. Not much of a difference there either.

In terms of price per square footage though Enso is selling for $4/sf more than Cristalla which we could likely attribute to the building being newer in age by 4 years and possibly it's South Lake Union location. Enso also sold, on average, at 100% of the list price at,  while they were slightly lower at Cristalla at 98% of their listed asking price. 

Overall, these two higher end buildings are still in demand and are doing well in terms of sales and price points.  What are your thoughts on Belltown vs South Lake Union condo living?