(Pictures from Nyhus Communications LLC)

Fifteen Twenty One's opening ceremony took place yesterday morning. The event was held in the condo's porte-cochere and attended by Mayor Greg Nickels, William Justen, and Blaine Weber. As far as initial viewings are concerned, this one was more of a teaser event — especially after waiting 20 minutes outside for all the speeches from local dignataries.  

When we were finally allowed inside, we were only able to view the lobby area. The lobby had a 10-foot locally crafted chandelier, a reclaimed timber art wall (see pictures above), 12 foot concierge desk, and large stone fireplace. No model home was available for viewing but I was told there will be one early next year.

The project has just received their certificate of occupancy. Residents will start moving into the building next week. Fifteen Twenty One has also received Leed Silver Certification, a requirement for this project under the city's new downtown zoning code. According to 1521's press release, 

"The code encourages density through development of taller, and slender buildings. Under this updated zoning code, the developer may choose to build a taller, thinner building in exchange for contribution to the city's affordable housing fund. Through this project, Opus Northwest is providing $1.88 million [paid for by residents] to the city's affordable housing fund."

5 remaining pre-sale homes are still available with prices ranging from $975,000-$1,999,000. A few resale units are also on the market. (See available homes). The completed building is definitely one of the most striking condos in downtown and can be easily spotted if you driving along 99. It would be interesting to see how the homes turn out.

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