Image0copy_1I have been told many times by my husband not to dress up my dog. How could I not, she looks great in them. Many homeowners are just like me, we treat our pets as part of the family. Even when it comes time to move, looking for a pet friendly condo is one of the most important criteria.

I’ve been asked by some readers to write up a list of condos that are pet friendly. So for all the pet lovers out there reading this blog, this post is for you.

In general, most condos allow cats and dogs and up to 2 pets per unit.  A number of condos do have restriction on the breed of the dogs, aggressive breed like pit bull and rottweiler are usually not allow. Many condos have different rules when it comes to pets, so be sure to read them on what you and your pet may or may not do. Here is an example of common rules and regulation for owners with pets.

Do keep in mind that homeowner association may change their pet policy from time to time and it is always advisable to check with them or the management company regarding their current pet policy. You don’t want to be surprised at the time of move in that your pet has to be left at the door.

I’ll be updating this post periodically, so do check back on the neighborhood that you are interested in. If I have missed a condo (which I’m sure I certainly will, there are a few thousands of condos near the core of Seattle!!!), feel free to leave a comment.  If you have a pet story to share about living in a condo, please do so. I’m sure many pet owners would love to hear your experiences.

Pet friendly and unfriendly Seattle condos.

Off leash parks.


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