Flyer_3I received this flyer today in my building. I’m not sure if this is true. If it is, it could be a cause for concern for Belltown residents and investors. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

UPDATE : I called up the planning department today and they couldn’t tell me what the building will be used for. I left the applicant a voice message and will post an update if I hear from him.

UPDATE#2:  Based on Gil’s last comments below, it looks like the future of this land is still up in the air and there were misunderstandings due to land use action signs not being updated on the property.  Also, I should point out that my previous use of the term "cause for concern" may have been too loaded.  Frankly, I am most interested in a transparent community development process where all stakeholders have an opportunity to participate.  I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion on the matter. 


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