Crane 5Today crews are finishing erecting the second of two cranes that will be used to build the two 41 story condo towers, called Insignia Towers, in the Denny Triangle neighborhood.  It's amazing seeing how these brave workers crane the pieces into position hundreds of feet up in the air!  It takes a huge mobile crane to build and erect the onsite crane that will build the foundation and condo tower for the north building. Wild right!?

I plan to give periodic updates on the the construction process of Insignia to help illustrate how condo towers are built and constructed.   Plus I'm a sucker for big machinery, and the whole high-rise construction process myself.

As mentioned in our previous posts, the south tower will be built first and the developer has indicated they will start marketing them likely Summer or Fall of 2013, with the entire project taking a total of three years to complete.  It is not yet known exactly when they plan to release any pricing or start pre-sales but Wendy's last interview with them in August indicated they were likely at least 18 months away from that at that time.  That would roughly be early 2014.

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle Condos exclusively for buyers and sellers