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Most homebuyers will agree that commute time to work may be one of their top considerations when picking a condo. This would probably be a major consideration if you are or would like to use public transportation to get to work. For those who are already living in their new condo, how are the transit plans going to affect your resale value? Here are some updates:

1.) The newly retrofitted Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel is reopening for weekday bus service Monday, Sept 24, 2007.

2.) Sound Transit Link light trains will join buses in the tunnels when the 13.9 mil rail line from Westlake Station to Tukwila international Blvd station opens in summer 2009, with a 1.7 mile extension to Seattle- Tacoma Internationl Airport opening by end of 2009.

3.) In 2008, light rail work is scheduled to begin on a 3.15 mile extension from downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill and the University of Washington.

4.) If the proposed East Link light rail project is approved this November, another 50 miles of light rail would extend to new destination on the Eastside, Pierce County and Snohomish County and connect the University of Washington with Safeco and Qwest Fields, downtown Bellevue, and Port of Tacoma.

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