Pontedera_Condos (2) 

Pontedera Condos is a new construction project in the south edge of Central Seattle.  This 6-story building offers 94 homes with 8 work/live spaces.  The developer is HomeSight, a non-profit Development Corporation that builds affordable housing for first-time homebuyers.  

1 Bedroom                    565-780 square feet      >$220,000
1 Bedroom + Den                 770 square feet      >$385,000
1 Bedroom + Den loft   785-1,035 square feet      >$295,000
2 Bedroom                  780-1,095 square feet      >$289,000
2 Bedroom +Den        1,070-1,170 square feet     >$410,000
3 Bedroom                         1,200 square feet     >$380,000

Most homes in Pontedera have decks, patios or balconies.  Each home comes with a parking space.  Amenities include a landscaped terrace, community room, and bike storage room.  In some selected homes, there is gas fireplace.  According to HomeSight, Pontedera is designed to be low maintenance and energy efficient.