Pioneer Properties who started the Live Historic Brand (De Lorges, Nord, Queen's Court, Pittsburgh, Betsy Ross, and the Marlborough) had their last conversion project, Belboy on Capitol Hill.  The conversion project is made of a cluster of 5 buildings built from 1893-1902.  These 5 buildings (B-F) were also part of a 6 building projects acquired by Historic Seattle and rehabilitated in 1989, and later on sold to Pioneer Properties in 2008.  Only one (A) building was retained by Historic Seattle and continues to operate as a low-income apartment building.

Currently, only buildings C and F are completely converted and available.  The incomplete buildings will be released in phases.  The 5 building conversions will offer 30 studio and one bedroom homes.  The electrical and plumbing systems were updated in 1990.  7 parking spaces are available for purchase at $25,000 each.  Prices range from $165,000-$275,000, mainly targeting first-time home buyers.

Studio                 333-550 square feet
One bedroom        392-615 square feet

Here are a few of my observations:


  • All the ground level homes for C and F building have two entry doors.  One from within the building and the other one leading out to the courtyard.
  • Kitchens in the C building are tucked into a corner whereas the F building kitchens open up to the living room.

  • No washer and dryers in the units but they are available either in the basement or ground level.

  • In a couple of homes in F building, there is a wood burning fireplace. That is kind of nice.

  • The homes are still using single pane windows.

Overall, the interior conversion work on the two buildings is minimal.  If you have ever seen Live Historic's other conversion projects, you will probably be surprised that the finishes used in this one are pretty basic and simple.  According to the listing agent, the developer is trying to make these homes more affordable by keeping their costs low.  The 5 buildings definitely create a sense of a community living.  The location is surprisingly quiet and near to the Pine/Pike district.