Thornton Place development 

This has been in the news for a week but at first, I didn't feel like blogging about it since Thornton Place is kind of far away and their new layoff protection program seemed more like a PR strategy than anything else.  I would much rather they lower their price, buy down points, or throw in some nice upgrades.  Layoff protection is hard to value and probably is most valuable to buyers who might not be qualified.  If you're curious, here's the article in the PI.

King 5 news 
King 5 just ran a story about more condo owners breaking homeowners rules.  Particulary renting out their condo month-to-month instead of the typical minimal 6-12 month lease period that most condo associations allow.  Frankly, I won't be suprised if they rent it out even week-by-week.  Although I'm not a big fan of short term rentals, I don't blame those homeowners for trying to rent out their property to minimize their losses given recent market conditions.
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