The April numbers are in and it looks like it was a pretty solid month.  Below are the tables I know you all love but for those who just want the highlights, the bullets come first.

  • Overall, for the third month in a row, Seattle condo sales were up over the previous month with a healthy 20% growth versus March.
  • Belltown/Downtown is probably showing the most strength coming in with a nearly 50% leap in month-over-month sales and beating year-over-year sales by 26%.  
  • While demand (as measured by number of sales) has been gathering some steam, supply has stayed relatively flat with less units on the market in April than there were in January.
  • In summary, one of the stronger months we've seen in a while.  Who knows, maybe we're finally crawling our way out of the valley after all…

Neighborhood Charts 2

Seattle Condo Sales (M-O-M)

Seattle Condo Sales (Y-O-Y)

Seattle Condo Median Prices (M-O-M)

Seattle Condo Median Prices (Y-O-Y)

Seattle Condo Listings (M-O-M)

Seattle Condo Listings (Y-O-Y)


Belltown & Downtown Condo Sales

Belltown & Downtown Condo Median Prices

Belltown & Downtown Condo Listings


Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Sales

Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Median Prices

Queen Anne & Magnolia Condo Listings

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Sales

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Median Prices

Capitol Hill & Madison & Central Condo Listings

By Wendy Leung with Seattle Condo Review. A guide to Seattle condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.