SeattlecondooasisNice to see a positive article once in a while amid all the scary news about oil prices and real estate troubles in the rest of the country.  Will be interesting to see if Seattle manages to maintain it’s relatively soft landing while national prices appear to be bumping along the bottom (and likely to do so for at least another year).

Now for the good news:

The Seattle area added the greatest number of high-tech jobs in 2006, outpacing Boston, San Francisco and more than 50 other U.S. cities, according to the Cybercities report from the American Electronics Association.

The report, released Tuesday, is another indication that the high-tech economy in the Seattle area continues to purr as companies such as Microsoft, Google, and dozens of startup enterprises add new workers. (The P-I recently reported on Microsoft’s record employment growth, with 38,856 workers in the Puget Sound region and 89,809 worldwide as of May 31.)

See the full summary in the PI here.