The Parc has started closing on their units and home buyers have already started moving in to the building. Earlier this week, they had their grand opening to showcase the model unit. So far, they are about 90% sold with 25 remaining units still available.

Here are a couple of my observations:

  • Compared to its sister project, Avenue One, The Parc has a slightly more appealing lobby with water features and modern design. However, the clubroom does not have the outdoor deck like Avenue One.
  • Even though both buildings are constructed on a slope, Avenue One has more units closer to street level (especially the east and south units) with windows facing either the parking garage right across the alley or the street.
  • The quality of the finishes in the Parc is consistent with Avenue One.
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         Avenue One Club room                    The Parc Club room

So how was last week's condo tour for them? As it turns out, close to 850 visitors turned up. Most of the visitors were folks from the east side taking advantage of the tour to check out some of the new developments in the more interesting side of the lake 😉

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