In case you missed any, here were the most popular posts of 2007.  Happy reading!


1. Escala Update

Summary of the project and Q&A with the Escala sales manager.

2. AVA

Summary an interview with Ava marketing manager.

3. Carbon 56

Summary and scorecard of the Carbon 56 project.

4. Seattle Condos 2.0

What’s next?

5. 2200 Westlake Flippers….Still Waiting to Flip

Plight of flippers and discussion on why they were hurting.

6. Four Seasons Update

Summary of project and Q&A with sales manager.

7. Vine, Ellington and Klee

Summary of top Belltown resale buildings.

8. Lumen

Summary of tour of completed project and scorecard.

9. October Market Update

The game of chicken begins between buyers and sellers.

10. The Pittsburgh

Review of historic seattle condo.