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The recently completed Trio project started moving in home buyers this month.  The project is almost 50% sold.  During the initial launch, Trio did not get much attention from Realtors and homebuyers. This was largely due to what many people considered unrealistic pricing.  Since then, the developer has made some price adjustments which are more in line with the market.  Ironically, they probably ended up making bigger reductions than they would have had to had they launched with more reasonable pricing to begin with.  (Of course, such observations are always easier in hindsight.)



              Trio                                              Matae

I had been to the construction site a few times for hard hat tours last year but decided to take another look this weekend now that it’s done.  Here are a couple of oberservations during a recent visit this weekend:

– The common areas (e.g. club room, roof top deck) turned out nicer than I expected compared to other wood-framed condos in Belltown, especially compared to the Matae (which exterior looks similar to Trio from the outside).

– One floor plan that is worth checking out is their northeast facing unit which has a outdoor deck right off the living room.  You don’t get much of a view but the generous outdoor area maybe a nice hangout when you have friends over.

– The developer is offering incentives such as Plasma TV and furniture when homebuyers purchase a unit.  On top of that, they are also offering a price guarantee to new homebuyers. Looks like developers are starting to pay attention and follow suit after the recent announcement of Olive 8’s pricing guarantee.

Overall, Trio is a decent condo with a slightly better amenities that its competitors.  If concrete and steel prices are out of your budget and you prefer to be close to a park, this project is worth a look.