Discovery_center_lg I was at the first informational overview appointment for Enso on Wednesday with one of my clients. There were about 7 groups of home buyers. Some of them even signed up for multiple project appointments. We were presented a 5 min neighborhood video. This is the same video you would have watched if it were your first visit to the Discovery center. We then moved on to the neighborhood map where the  various developments in SLU planned over the next few years were neatly laid out. Some buyers were concerned about how well the view will be protected and the intensity of traffic flow around the gateway. It looks like the configurations of the roads are going to take probably 4-5 years to be fully optimized for all of the new buildings.

We were later shown video clips depicting the potential lifestyle around the neighborhood and a virtual view of Enso. This part of the presentation covers mostly the condo’s structure, amenities, floor plans, finishes, and upgrades. If you attended the June 17th event, you’ll have most of the information you need. Bottom line on everyone’s mind: what’s the price?

Estimated price ranges were given; however, they were not helpful enough for some potential home buyers to nail down the type of floor plan they should be focusing on. Since the ranges were so broad, questions like, “Should I go with a one bedroom or will I be able to afford one bedroom plus den?” I will have to wait for more specific price sheets.

At the end of the session, there was some Q&A and lottery forms were given out to home buyers. If you have just started looking at SLU, this session will be helpful. Home buyers have till Sept 1st to submit the lottery card and a pre-approval letter from their own lender. Vulcan has not appointed a perferred lender yet. If this sounds complicated, make sure you bring a Realtor who’s already been through the process 🙂


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