Dear SCR Readers:  

As some of you know, I've been partnering with Marco Kronen on a lot of client engagements over the last few years.  He and his partner Loren share my passion for the condo scene in Seattle and they're as in the know as I am.

In fact, we've often discussed the idea of Marco providing some guest posts to SCR so we can expand our breadth and depth of coverage on the Seattle condo scene.  Well…the wait is over.  I'm thrilled to announce that Marco will now be serving as a guest author on SCR!

Going forward, expect to see new posts from both of us.  Marco is one of my favorite folks to work with and talk to about the latest rumors, announcements, and inside details about Seattle condos.  He's also just a terrific person (a former firefighter).  

Please join me in welcoming Marco to the SCR community and check out his first (and excellent) post reviewing 2200 Westlake!

We love condos,
Wendy Leung