20150125_103143We were able to tour inside Insignia condominiums in Belltown this past weekend. The 22nd floor has been completed, including all interior finishes, so we were able to get a feel for how the spaces will live.

Here are some of our thoughts on the final product:

  • The entry doors to each unit were wrapped in wood, much like Fifteen Twenty-One, had lit door numbers and had doorbells, which we thought were nice touches.
  • Having the refrigerators and dishwashers paneled added a feel of luxury to the spaces
  • The 8 foot ceilings didn’t seem to be an issue for most of the Brokers on the tour.  But we were also way up on the 22nd floor with lots of light.  Lower floors may not feel so voluminous potentially.
  • The finishes were just as we expected, just as were shown in the model unit.
  • They added some additional touches like pull out drawers in the bathroom vanities.
  • Another great feature we did not notice in the model was the under counter lighting in the kitchen. 
  • The windows were not floor-to-ceiling like we see at Enso and Escala, they are still very large, but start about a foot off of the ground, more like those found in Olive 8 and 2200 Westlake condos.
  • Some of the deck spaces were larger than anticipated. They can easily accommodate a small table and chairs on some of the decks we viewed.
  • Some of the bedrooms seemed smaller than expected but without furniture for scale, it is hard to know how that will feel once furnished.
  • The views were really impressive but knowing there will be buildings built up around there in the future, views are never guaranteed of course.
  • The distance between the north tower and the south tower is actually farther than I expected.  So there is more separation between the two towers which helps with more views past the opposing tower and also more privacy from the neighbors in the other tower as well.  The distance is much farther than say the twin towers of Ellington, Concord, The Vine, The Klee and 2200 Westlake for example. 

We are excited to see the amenity levels and how those turn out as well but for now, Insignia is looking on par with Enso, Escala and Olive 8 in terms of finish quality.

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By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.