Map of Bldgs Around EscalaIn an earlier article we wrote back in November, we announced that a new 50 story mixed-use building was being planned for the northwest corner of 5th Ave and Stewart (just west of the Westin). It will contain hotel rooms, apartments, and condominium units, a mix we have yet to see here in Seattle. This building now has a name, Altitude Sky Tower.

Now we have learned, from PSBJ, of another 50 story tower that may be constructed on that same block, but on the southwest corner of 5th Ave and Virginia. Douglaston Development is the company looking into building the hotel and residential tower where the Icon Grill currently sits. The article mentions that some units will be apartments so we are unclear on whether or not there will be condos in the mix as of yet.

In 2007 and 2008, this site was originally planned for the condominium project, Heron and Pagoda Towers. In this case, Altitude Sky Tower will sit where Heron was to be and this potential new building will sit on the lot where Pagoda Tower was to be. The Heron and Pagoda project was also slated to be hotel/office/residential mixed-use and top out at 46 stories so even though the lots are now owned by different entities and will not be connected by a middle pedestal like Heron and Pagoda were to be, the plans remain similar for type and height of buildings.

View Obstruction Advisory: As for Escala, if this new building does indeed get built, the east facing units will lose much of their outlook of the city over Icon Grill. The southeast facing unit outlooks will also be impacted by Altitude Sky Tower most likely.