Zion ChurchAccording to King 5 News, the 100 year old Zion Lutheran Church on Aurora Ave N and 71st in Green Lake has been purchased to make way for a condominium building.

The church, after suffering declining attendance numbers at their services and the building falling into disrepair, decided to merge with a larger church in Lake City and sell the Church on Aurora to a Chinese Development Firm. The rumors are that the new owners will demolish the building to construct a condominium building.

After doing some digging, we could not locate any additional information on the intentions of the Developer but we must remember that often people incorrectly assume that when a developer is constructing a multi family residential building that it is condominiums, but more often than not, they are building apartments that will be rental units. We will just have to monitor the Land Use bulletins to see what will actually be built here.

From our perspective, it would nice to have additional condo options in North Seattle for folks looking to live in that area but who can't afford a single family home or even townhome. However, having an address right on Aurora might make the sales a little more challenging. There are many condominium buildings on Aurora but they do tend to have longer market times due to the perceived stigma of living on the highway.

We will keep you posted as we hear more, and if anyone knows any additional info about whether or not this project will indeed be a condominium building  vs a rental apartment building, please feel free to post and let us know.

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.