As I was driving South on 99 to the Stadium, it was great to see some progress with the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement project. The south end of the Viaduct had been demolished and the traffic has been shifted onto a new bridge near the stadiums. After more than 10 years of discussion, planning, design and prepping work, we can expect the deep bore tunnel work to begin next year. Yes, finally. With the removal of the Viaduct along the waterfront, which is estimated around 2016, I had to wonder which condos would benefit from it.

Well, I think a few of them like Belltown Court, Belltown Lofts, Pomeroy, Site 17, Fix Building, HillClimb, and Our Home Hotel condo will be better off. Let's take a closer look on why that's the case.

Viaduct Condos

Exterior Front

Even though Belltown Court (2414 1st Ave) is not located next to the Viaduct, the traffic is connected to the Battery St Tunnel that runs along on the south side of the building. Traffic noise bouncing off the tunnel can be heard by residents living on the south side. This has been one of the reasons that deter some buyers from selecting units from that part of the building. With the closure of the tunnel, it will reduce the tunnel traffic noise.

Belltown Loft exterior  Belltown Loft exterior 4

Belltown Lofts (66 Bell St) is probably the condo that is most affected by the Viaduct. The southeast corner of the building is literally touching the Viaduct. If you ever visited some of the homes on the east side of the building, you could actually see cars passing right in front of the windows. With the removal of the Viaduct, it will significantly increase the building's curb appeal, eliminate the noise from the Viaduct, and greatly improve the neighborhood views for some of the homeowners.

Pomeroy exterior  Pomeroy Traffic 2

Pomeroy (2319 1st Ave) is situated one block east of Belltown Lofts. It's less affected by the Viaduct than Belltown Lofts.  Pomeroy is perched higher on 1st Ave and the viaduct traffic sloped downward into the Battery St Tunnel.  Traffic noise is not as big of an issue. The building has pretty good noise insulated windows. However, I still think that with the viaduct removed, it will greatly enhance the curb appeal. Right now, it still feels a little awkward when it's located right next to the end of the viaduct. 

Site 17 condos

Just a little north of Pomeroy and Belltown Loft is Site 17 (2440 Western Ave).  Right now, south facing homes are looking at the oncoming traffic turning towards the Battery St Tunnel or existing the viaduct. Not a pretty sight. It will be visually more pleasant to look out the windows when the Viaduct is removed.

Fix exterior 1 

The more than a century old Fix/Madore Condo (1507 Western Ave) tucked on the west side of the Pike Place Market is another building that will benefit from the removal of the viaduct. Currently, the viaduct runs along the west side of the building. With the viaduct removed, it will open up views to the Puget Sound  and improve foot traffic appeal to the waterfront.


Right along the same street only a stone throw away from the Fix/ Madore Building is the HillClimb Condo (1425 Western Ave). Similarly, to the Fix/Madore Condo, HillClimb western views will open up to the Puget Sound and the central courtyard will be a much more enjoyable place for residents to hang out without the constant traffic noise. 

Our Home Hotel exterior

Our Home Hotel is on the corner of South Main St and and the Alaskan Viaduct in Pioneer Square. The main entrance to this charming century old condo is right on the west side of the building next to the viaduct. Needless to say, with the absence of the viaduct, it will greatly improve the curb appeal.

It will be interesting for us to revisit these condos again after the viaduct is removed and take a look at the days on market and price per square foot for some of the homes.  Perhaps some investors will get in early. 


By Wendy Leung with Seattle Condo Review. A guide to Seattle condos exclusively for buyers and sellers.