We've all heard of construction defects in condos.  This usually comes with major hassles as homeowners go through repairs of leaks, windows, and other common issues with new construction.  It's almost a rite of passage for a condo to be completely wrapped in plastic a few years after its launched.  Apparently, condo owners are not only group at risk of these type of inconveniences.  

The McGuire in Belltown, a nine year old apartment building is heading for demolition – yes, demolition – by end of the year and and is asking their existing tenants to vacate their units.  This seems like a good idea if they're really going to demolish the place.  Most have heard of condo sidings failing but an apartment building that needs to be teared down is quite a story.  I wonder if they're going to try building another condo in place of it.  Read more here

" KOMO News has learned that the issue involves cables, concrete and corrosion that have become so costly to repair that it would be cheaper for the owner to tear down the building that to fix it."