Every now and then, clients will ask if I can find a condo in the heart of Belltown that is also quiet and safe. One would think that might be hard since you are after all picking an urban neighborhood; however, there are exceptions.  Seattle Heights on 2nd Ave between Wall St and Cedar St has always been a client favorite.

This 26 story high rise condo was built in 1994.  A few years ago, it had water intrusion problems and the building was wrapped up for more than a year. New siding and windows were replaced. Now, the building is looking as good as new. Unlike the typical high rise condo in Belltown, Seattle heights has a fairly unique architectural shape.

    Seattle_heights_old_4     Seattle_heights_new_2_1

         Before repair                   After repair

It also has very diverse floor plans ranging from studios to 3 bedroom’s including a number of rare two story condo units found on the 5th level. Its location is ideal for home buyers who don’t want to deal with the urban weekend noise yet still want a location near the center of all the action.


– Open layout and oversized windows

– Great amenities (one of the few in Belltown with a pool)

– Diverse views of the City, Puget Sound, Queen Anne neighborhood and Lake Union.


– Homeowner dues are higher than other condos built around the same time.

– Interior finishes may feel slightly dated compared to more recent buildings.

Exterior:           Good

Interior:           Good

Location:         Good

Value:             Good

View:           Very Good

Amenities:       Good
Overall:           Good

Final Thoughts:

One of the best overall combinations of value, quality, and location in Belltown.  If you don’t need the latest in finishes and amenities, this is a building most people should at least strongly consider.


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