Update on Tower to be Built to East of Escala

Seattle condo review: Update on tower to be built East of Escala. PSBJ reported that the lot on the SW corner has been sold. Read an update on this upcoming Seattle development.

Two 50 Story Buildings on 5th Ave – Escala View Obstruction Advisory

New buildings on 5th Avenue may cause Escala view obstruction. Two developing buildings on 5th Avenue may cause problems. Read about the new proposed buildings.

Condo Sales Spotlight – Escala in Downtown Seattle

Condo sales spotlight: Escala in Downtown Seattle. Here is a highlight of the sales at Escala in Downtown Seattle's Midtown neighborhood over the last 6 months. Read to view the breakdown of the sales at Escala in Downtown Seattle.

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Downtown Seattle Condo Blog Update

Seattle condo review: Downtown Seattle condo update. Read a quick update on Escala and Olive 6 in Downtown Seattle.

Escala’s New Pricing

 The long anticipated Escala price drop has finally happened.  Rennie Marketing released the new pricing and it looks pretty significant. 1 Bedroom , 1.5 Bathroom, 952 sq.ft. homes starting at $384,0002 Bedroom, 2 [...]

Seattle Condo News: Backing Out of a Purchase

  A client of mine sent this news article today that I thought is worth mentioning.  <Thanks Harold!>  It doesn't come as a surprise given the bubble's bursting last year to hear about some [...]

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