South Crane Down 5When driving by Insignia last week, it was really nice to see the tall skinny silhouette of the south tower now that the huge sky crane has been removed from its south side.  With most of the construction now focused in the interior of the tower and most of the glazing (windows) installed except on the very top sky lounge and roof top amenities level,  you can see it really start to take shape and see how the tall slender towers will situate amongst the area buildings as well as each other.

According to the sales team, the interior work of the lower floors is mostly completed except for the common hallways.  So all the hardwoods, fixtures, finished walls and cabinets are installed and there is just some finish work remaining on the units from roughly floor 10 and below.  Our clients who have purchased on the lower floors are so excited to hear this news and as the new year grows close, that means the completion of the south tower is getting closer as well, currently estimated at around June of 2015 for closings to start on these lower floors.

Buying a new construction presale is a great option for those wanting new and a choice of floor plans, but the process can be hard for those without patience.  It’s a bit of a waiting game but the wait is almost over for those who are purchasing in the south tower.  As for the north tower, crews are already pouring concrete this week for the 17th floor, but sales have not yet started in that tower.

If you haven’t done so lately, drive by and take a look at the site, it’s pretty impressive.

South Crane Down 2 South Crane Down

By Marco Kronen with Seattle Condo Review: A guide to Seattle downtown condos.