Insignia North Tower Grand Opening – Pricing and Floorplans Released

Seattle's Insignia north tower grand opening: pricing and floor plans released. With the south tower 70% sold, Insignia will be releasing it's north tower units at a grand opening event March 21st and 22nd. See photos and read about this Seattle condominium development.

Quick Market Snapshot

Quick Seattle market snapshot. We have a widget in our Multiple Listing Service called the Market Watch that we can customize in order to see a snapshot of the market segment we choose. Read and see photos of the Market Watch snapshot of condominiums in Seattle.

Downtown Seattle Condo and Apartment Demand Continues

Downtown Seattle condo and apartment demand continues. Last week, the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) held its annual breakfast where they delivered the 2015 State of Downtown Report. Read the key points highlighted in the DSA's 2015 State of Downtown Report.

Life in the Wrap- What’s it really like living behind the plastic?

Life in the wrap: What's it really like living behind the plastic? A three part Series about the good, the bad, the ugly and the pretty as told by our personal experience and other residents living in the wrap at the 2200 condos. Read part two of the series.

FHA Mortgage Insurance Reduction Should Be Announced Tomorrow

FHA Mortgage Insurance reduction to be announced. It is rumored that President Obama will announce that FHA will be reducing the annual FHA mortgage insurance premiums.

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Want to See What Will Be Built Outside Your Window in the Future in Seattle?

See the future of Seattle's condo developments. Discover where new condo developments will be proposed before ever being constructed.

A New Building with Hotel, Apartment & Condo Units in Downtown is Announced

A new building with hotel, apartment and condo units in Downtown Seattle is announced. A San Francisco hotel developer is planning on constructing a new building at 5th Avenue and Stewart St in Downtown Seattle. Read to learn more about this future Seattle development.

Salt Condominium Specifics

Salt condominium specifics in Seattle. Salt is a new condominium coming to Ballard with completion planned for June 2016. Read to view the specifics of this upcoming Seattle condominium development.

Floorplans, Finishes & Amenities for Salt Condominiums in Ballard

Salt, a new developing condominium in Ballard, has released their preview package. This includes floorplans, finishes, and amenities.

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