Insignia and LUMA Down to 20 Homes Each – Opportunity to Own New Construction High-Rise Condo Running Out

According to an announcement from Insignia condominiums in Belltown, they have fewer than 20 homes available. LUMA indicates that they also have less than 20 homes left. If you were hoping to purchase a new construction condominium in a high-rise building these approximately 40 homes will be your last chance until around 2018, when Nexus condominiums is projected to be completed.

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Luma Condominiums Started Closing this Week and Had Rooftop Sunset Party Last Night!

As a welcoming and congratulations to their new condo owners, the building was fully open for the first time for owners to see the new amenity spaces, which are all located up on the top level and roof of the building (except the gym on floor 2).

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LUMA Sales Center Moves into Building

It is always great to hear that a new construction condominium building's sales center is moving into the building itself, as it indicates that the building is getting closer to be completed, allows potential buyers to see more of the final product and also means that buyer's who have already purchased will be moving into their new homes soon.

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Sales Update on New Construction & Pre-sale Condos

Here is a quick update on how sales are going at our new construction condo buildings around town.

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